About Us

Henner Tank Lines, Inc. was founded in July 2006 and maintains over two decades of experience in the fuel industry. With our terminal based in Vacaville, CA, which is on the cusp of both Solano and Yolo Counties, it enables us to serve the Greater Bay Areas with ease,  including the East Bay, as well as Sacramento, parts of the Central Valley (Stockton/Lodi) and expanding to San Diego, CA!

Henner Tank Lines, Inc. is dedicated to hiring only trained, qualified drivers as we strive to ensure the highest level of safety within our fleet as well as our “Pride Driven Performance.”


All units are equipped with pumps which allow us to serve a diversified base of clientele. The clean and well-maintained fleet we operate is a representation of the high level of quality and standard placed on the service and safety we provide to our Customers. 

Henner Tank Lines, Inc. provides our Customers with fueling services which run multiple shifts daily seven days a week, all tracked with GPS for maximum efficiency. Our trucks have capacities ranging up to 8,800 gallons.



Dedicated to Providing Quality Service

Henner Tank Lines, Inc. delivers quality refined petroleum products, including but not limited to gasoline, diesel and aviation fuels to fleet operators, aviation, construction and commercial industries, retail locations, Marine assisted tug companies and barges in the San Francisco Harbor as well as, farms and bulk plants throughout the Greater Bay Area including the East Bay as well as the Sacramento area and expanding into San Diego, CA. 

We have certified access to major as well as independent branded oil companies’ regional refineries and terminals along with providing bulk and mobile fuel transportation services for BP, Shell, Chevron, Tesoro, Eastern Aviation and other petroleum product marketers. 

Henner Tank Lines, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality services to all of its Customers, ensuring the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction in the industry by continually developing innovative solutions to meet our Customers’ needs.